Nursing Scholarship Program

Clay Taylor Embry & Mary Almira Smith Embry Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Clay Taylor Embry and Mary Almira Smith Embry Memorial Scholarship Fund is a continuing,
fully-funded nursing scholarship to be administered by the Tri-State Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.
It is funded through an endowment trust from the above individuals and was established in May 1985.

Eligibility for the award is based on the following criteria:

  • Applicant must be a high school graduate or the equivalent.
  • Students must be enrolled in a full-time Health Science Program in the Fall 2018 term. -OR Applicant must be a full-time Health Science student entering the second year of the Health Science Program.
  • Applicant must demonstrate a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 in high school or equivalent course work. -OR- Must have maintained an overall GPA of 2.5 with a minimum of 2.0 in any subject during first year of nursing program or other college level classes.
  • Applicants may receive this scholarship twice.
  • Applicant must be available for face to face interview with Auxiliary Scholarship Committee.
  • Applicant attending school in the Lewiston Clarkston Valley—Nez Perce County or Asotin County preferred.
  • Auxiliary Scholarships Funds are to be used for tuition, books and labs. Funds are directly deposited to the attending college.
  • Auxiliary Scholarship recipients must pledge to apply for a position at Tri-State Memorial Hospital upon graduation. If a position is available, and the applicant is hired for the position, they must commit to work at least one year after licensing. This requirement may be waived in lieu of missionary or public service commitments at the discretion of the Auxiliary Scholarship Committee.

To apply for the Embry Memorial Scholarship, please complete the attached application. All scholarship application materials must include:

  • Application Form
  • One Advisor/Counselor Report
  • Two References(non-relatives)
  • Official current grade transcript